Wood vs Aluminum Ladder Which is better safer Advantages and DisadvantagesLadders must be robust to ensure the necessary security and stability. The trade offers ladders made of wood or aluminum. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum ladders are dangerous for certain jobs. It also always depends on the purpose of use, whether a ladder made of aluminum or one made of wood is better.

Difference between Wood & Aluminum Ladder – Advantages and Disadvantages

1. Wooden ladder

Wooden & Aluminum ladder which is betterA wooden ladder is cheaper to buy. The wood from which it is made mostly comes from local forests. The transport routes are correspondingly short, which is reflected in the price.

The disadvantage of a wooden ladder is that it wears out relatively quickly. It must also not be left in the rain and should be protected from permanent sunlight.

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The wooden rungs are prone to damage. If a rung breaks, it can cause injury. The wooden ladder is very suitable for indoor use. A wooden ladder should be selected for work related to electricity. Some work has to be done under power.

Unlike a ladder made of aluminum, a wooden ladder has an insulating effect. No contact is made with the floor. The disadvantage of a wooden ladder is security.

If the wooden ladder is used outdoors in the rain, the rungs become slippery and smooth. There is a risk of slipping. After painting, the wooden ladder is very difficult to clean.

In extreme cases, the conductor must be ground down. A wooden ladder is disposed of by being burned. If it is also lacquered or impregnated, these lacquers are also burned and thus damage the environment.

2. Aluminum ladder

is aluminum ladder better then wood ladderAn aluminum ladder has several advantages. It is quite light and available in different versions. It starts with a simple step ladder for the household and go to the ultra lightweight extension ladders. There are models that can be pulled out for work at high heights.

This material also used for the platform ladder which offers great stability and security.

These aluminum ladders consist of three parts. Two parts are set up as normal. The third part can be hung on one side of the ladder and adjusted to the optimal working height.

Aluminum ladders have grooved rungs, which means safety against slipping. Weight plays a role in the choice of the ladder. Anyone who has to constantly change the location of the ladder is well served with an aluminum ladder.

It is lighter than a wooden ladder. The aluminum ladder is not demanding when it comes to storage. It can easily be kept outdoors. The aluminum ladder is insensitive to weather influences. That’s why it’s also beneficial as a pool ladder.

Cleaning is just as easy because it can be rinsed off with water. Stubborn dirt, such as paint residue, is removed with a solvent. Disposal is just as easy because it is recycled. Anyone who brings an old aluminum ladder to the junkyard even gets some money for it.

Which ladder is safer to use? Wooden or Aluminum Ladder

Regardless of whether you choose a ladder made of wood or aluminum, both must meet the safety criteria. Aluminum ladders must be provided with an anti-slip covering at the viewpoints.

In most cases, wooden ladders do not have this. Every ladder’s material must have a corresponding safety certificate. This is only awarded if the leader meets the requirements.

When buying, you should definitely look for these certificates. The positioning of the ladder is also a criterion in order to be able to work on it safely and accident-free.

Do you know there is an agility ladder used for sports training?

The ladder must never be set at an angle. If the floor is sloping, the level of the ladder must be straightened using stable boards or the like. Each ladder has a fuse that protects it from collapsing.

This must be used without fail. This also applies to ladders that have a step surface as the top rung. This must snap into the lock provided. If a ladder is only ajar, a second person must be present who holds the ladder and can hand tools to the working person.

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