As almost everywhere, there are different types and types of pool ladder that offer their advantages and disadvantages depending on the application and the type of pool. In this article we would like to give you a precise overview of the types and types of pool ladders available.

What types of “pool leaders” are there?

Simple steel pool ladder

Depending on what you have for a pool, a simple steel pool ladder combined with plastic can be more than sufficient for you. So the steel ladder offers you especially for smaller poolson. These are usually cheaper, so you shouldn’t necessarily spend a lot more on a pool ladder. Of course, even with a cheaper pool, a stainless steel pool ladder would offer significantly more advantages and security. Alone in terms of quality and durability. Nevertheless, steel ladders may already be sufficient for you. These pool ladders already offer you a comfortable entry and exit from the pool. There are also models as high pool ladder, which even have an optional upper step plate. This will make it much easier for you to climb the ladder.

The stainless steel pool ladder variant

A stainless steel pool ladder is suitable for different types of pools. So you can use them for round pools, oval pools, as well as rectangular pools. Furthermore, a stainless steel pool ladder excels in quality and durability. Another important plus point is the higher load that a corresponding pool ladder can withstand. Stainless steel pool ladders are also available in many different shapes and sizes. Which means you can always use the most suitable pool ladder for your pool.

Play it safe with a safety pool ladder

If the focus is primarily on security, there is no way around a security pool ladder. This type of pool ladder has various safety functions built in. So you can fold in or up the steps. This prevents children from getting into the pool. You can find out what other advantages a safety pool ladder offers you in our article ” Safety pool ladder for your safety “.

Which pool ladder is suitable for my pool?

Depending on how you set up the pool, whether freestanding or completely recessed, there are different variants of a pool ladder. You can find a large selection in our online shop, from a high ladder to a hanging ladder. How do I mount a pool ladder?

This can vary depending on the model, it is best to read our detailed assembly instructions in advance. A pool ladder should be set up exactly according to instructions to keep the risk of injury as low as possible. You can simply place the high pool ladder in the pool after assembly. With the hanging ladder, you have to attach the bars outside the pool by concreting them or screwing them to a mounting set.

Advantages of the swimming pool manager from

  • Non-slip steps
  • Suitable for different depths
  • These cannot rust through from stainless steel
  • To stand or screw down
  • Rubber feet protect against damage

High-quality pool accessories such as a pool ladder in our pool shop
Before you order, you should pay attention to the load capacity of a ladder, this ladder should also be protected by rubber feet so as not to damage the inside of the swimming pool. Better choose a stainless steel ladder, as it cannot rust through and also looks classy, ​​it is also important that the steps are non-slip to avoid slipping. In our pool shop you will find the right pool accessories for every pool, whether round, oval or eight-shaped. Our high pool ladder also has a platform for even more stability on the ladder.

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