Are you one of the dreamers, who plan of going gym regularly and then fall off the bed? If your answer is “yes” or “heartily yes” then you’re a normal person like others.

Planning of workout for the week and then getting off-track due to a busy schedule can be stressful. But how about getting your portable workout partner? Yes, you heard me right; I am talking about the agility ladders.

It’s a perfect match to get the best exercise with fun, engaging, and of course fat burner. Though you are an athlete or non-athlete this speed ladder is useful to improve the mental and physical agility.

Also, the increased speed helps you to burn more fats and get the desired result in the allocated time. I know you are excited about the adrenaline rush to know more about the coordination ladder.

But buying a perfect ladder among the hundreds is quite challenging. Getting a ladder which fulfills all your needs and at an affordable price? No worries, we have come up with the best and the smashing agility ladders for you.

These speed ladders will increase your speed and can be benefited as an awesome tool. Take my words you will love this.

Best 10 Agility Ladders Reviews – Top Selling Speed Ladder for Workout in 2020

#1 Bltzpro agility ladder

Either you are an athlete or a beginner the Bltzpro agility ladder improves your foot speed and agility skills. It can be used for high intensity training which improves your cardiovascular and stamina and prepares you for the competition than is it football, soccer, tennis, or any sports.

The best part is the accessories, it comes with 12 cones and 2 mesh bags with 4 anchors, isn’t it awesome. And, the 16foot ladder is made of high quality material which improves the performance with tangle free straps and fully adjustable rungs. You can use it for outdoor or even indoor activities, it’s highly portable and mess free.

Additionally, you can also gift it to your kid or your trainer. In an, all this ladder is a package for your fitness activities. Just hit the cart for the benefits.

#2 A11N Speed & Agility Training Set

If you are up to challenge yourself then have a look at the A11n speed & Agility training set. This training set is a perfect choice for a versatile personality.

You can customize your drill for improving co-ordination, balance, and speed with this ladder set. It has 8rung which can be adjusted up to 45ft long which can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Additionally, with a ladder, you will get 12 cones, 4 adjustable hurdles, 4 steel stakes, and 1 drawstring bag. For your explosive training, it also gives you 1 parachute, which can easily change direction with its 360* rotation belt. Overall the ladder is durable and affordable.

#3 Raise Your Game RYG Speed Agility Ladder Training Set

The ultimate fitness training bundle you will get in Raise your game training set. This is a perfect setting for any drill and skill sharpening activities. It’s comfortable and can be utilized by both adults as well as kids.

The ladder is made up of high quality material, which makes it durable as nothing will break. So just train and don’t worry about stepping on anything.

Equally, you will get 5 hurdles, eight cones, a jump rope, and three latex resistances minibands, what else you need! So you can add this training set in your arsenal. I will recommend it to the young athlete.

#4 Pro Agility Ladder and Cones

Coming to the next training set i.e Pro agility ladders and cone. If you’re serious about performance, then you must have this pro agility ladder. It is designed especially for professionals to maximize their efforts.

The ladder is made up of premium quality which lasts a lifetime. You can use this ladder season after seasons. Great gift idea for kids, coaches, or anyone related who loves training.

Apart from a 15ft ladder you also get 12 Disc cones, 4 metal ground anchors, and heavy duty equipment zipper bag to blow your training. Get your focus on training and achieve the desired result with this pro agility training kit. Don’t wait to buy it now!

#5 POWER GUIDANCE Agility Ladder (20 Feet) for Speed & Agility Training

The power guidance agility ladder can improve your foot speed, agility coordination, and overall balance. You don’t need to be an athlete to use this ladder, just rail the ladder on the ground and you’re done.

Hopscotch, Lateral jump, twist jump, or any activity which you want to keep you’re self-active and energetic this ladder gonna make everything easier. The ladder is super safe and stable, it won’t move easily when you use them.

You can adjust the ladder as per your need up to 20ft long. Apart from this, you get 10 sports cones, 4 pegs, D rings, and a heavy duty carry bag. In the end, the ladder gives value for money and highly durable.

#6 Yes4All Hexagonal Speed Ladder & Agility Rings

If you are looking something different from the standard ladder, then heads towards the Yes4All Hexagonal speed and agility rings. The unique hexagonal ladder has 6 connected hex rings; each separated ring has a 19” diameter.

It can be utilized for both upper body and lower body training than it is tuck jump, burpees, push up, or squats. And the best part is you can adjust the hex rings in a variety of shapes to perform various speed drill activities.

This ladder can be used anywhere anytime as per you’re convenient. You can easily store the rings in the heavy duty bag after use without any mess. In a nutshell ultra durable plastic the hex rings are highly durable and stable.

#7 Scandinavian Sports Speed Ladder Training Set

How about getting a training set with a premium tool? Let’s jump in, Scandinavian sports speed training set is a complete fitness package. It is ideal for athletes who are working towards improving their endurance, speed, foot coordination, and balance.

The ladder comes with a jump rope, 6 sports cone, 4pegs, and 1 carry bag. The bonus is, it also gives you a premium Exercise book, now you won’t find such a deal anywhere else.

Equally, it is made up of high standard material which keeps you apart from its wear and tear. You can use this training set in all seasons. In short, this ladder is super durable and affordable.

#8 SPRI Roll-Out Agility Ladder

Roll-out your fitness mantra with SPRI roll out agility ladder. This ladder is the perfect choice for all indoor and selected outdoor activities without bunching up the surface.

The special part of the ladder is that it can be quickly unrolled and lay flat and even you can roll it easily for storage after use.

The generous wide area of 16″x 12.5″ makes it comfortable for all ages and ability levels. Its non-skid recycled rubber gives you safety while you perform.

Precisely this ladder will be a fantastic choice to speed up your daily fitness routine. Mark my word this ladder is worth the penny.

#9 GHB Pro Agility Ladder Agility

The GHB agility ladder is a great choice for those who are involved in sports like football, basketball, tennis, running, and more. With a 20feet overall length, the ladder is divided into 12 rungs.

It comes with a heavy-duty carry bag, to store the ladder easily. On the other hand, its strong and durable nylon straps keep the rungs tidy and tangle-free.

Spaces between the rungs can be adjusted as per desired up to 15” inch. I would suggest this for fat burn and weight loss, as I own 1 of this. So to torch up the big-time calories hit the cart.

#10 SKLZ Speed Ladder and Agility Ladder

Everyone wants to master their footwork and the SKLZ speed and agility ladder take care of your desire. Here the trusted brand agility ladder from SKLZ would be the excellent choice if you are a powerhouse athlete.

The unique feature of this ladder is its zigzag design, which is inspired by Chinese fans. This means you can easily do folding and unfolding of the ladder tangle-free. Now that gives you extra time for practice and saves time to untangle the straps.

It gives you ends and sides for attaching more ladders. If you are looking to up your game, this ladder is the best choice you’ll ever do.

Three reasons to buy an Agility Ladder

Let’s now look at the three main reasons why you should buy one:

  • Improves visual coordination with the movement of the feet. It is created in the athlete the ability to quickly process the information perceived with the view, and give a motor response with the feet and the lower body train. This, in certain sports, is essential, for example, in football.
  • Improves the control of the center of gravity. Rather than focusing on the speed of Execution, the ladder imposes on the athlete the need to control the center of body gravity concerning the speed of execution of the training and, therefore, the speed of progression along with it. This acquired skill is extremely important in any type of Sports Training.
  • It is an optimal Warming Exercise. The coordination ladder is very useful during muscle warming. And although everything that is done with the ladder can be done without it, the effects on the elevation of body temperature and heart rate, as well as muscle preparation, are formidable. Also, an element that is a point in its favor is the increased attention and concentration of the corridor.

What are the Benefits of the Agility Ladder? Let’s Discover them

Endurance, coordination, speed, and agility are essential to achieve good athletic performance. In sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and athletics this is essential.

In order to achieve these objectives, it is important to have the training tools that allow us to achieve them. It is for this reason that, in order to develop these attributes, you must consider training such as the Agility Ladder.

Next, you will be able to know all the benefits, forms of execution, performance criteria within training, among other important aspects that you should know, and in this way check the advantages you will get as a running athlete.

1. One of the main objectives of the Coordination Ladder is to encourage agility.

You probably don’t know everything about the Agility Ladder, but before continuing, we must define what agility is for an athlete, specifically for a running athlete.

Agility in an athlete is related to the ability that the athlete has to change movements and direction with ease, it is also related to the concentration with which the athlete performs his training, making him attentive to the changes he must make during the development of your sports routine or career.

The Coordination Ladder will help the athlete to improve their conditions, not only physical but also mental speed to make decisions.

Athletes who use tools that create physical barriers with specific objectives during their training are more precise and obtain better results during their execution, which is why the incorporation of the Agility Ladder in their training is essential. This helps the athlete to verify in a better way when he is running the training correctly.

By existing within the sports routine limits, lines, starting points, or specific goals, the athlete recognizes when he is doing the exercise in the wrong way and can work on the weaknesses themselves to correct mistakes.

2. The Agility Ladder incorporates versatility in our training.

Perhaps we could think that with another type of training we can also reach the objectives we have set ourselves, without the need for the use of the Agility Ladder.

However, one of the benefits of using the Agility Ladder is that it will allow our training to be versatile, making it more complete, entertaining, and vigorous. You will realize that after integrating this training, you will enjoy the sports routine in a transcendental way.

3. By training with the Agility Ladder, you can develop your physical potential in the following aspects.

For a runner, the development of speed is essential, this with the purpose of each day to make better marks, not only in training but mainly in the competitions in which he participates.

The resistance obtained by the runner with the Agility Ladder will improve his physical condition and response to the decrease in body energy.

The reaction and coordination are very important because many times during the races you must make quick decisions, originated by environmental situations. Many times the success of competition will depend on how coordinated our reactions are.

Some examples of exercises with Agility Ladder

Consider these simple but beneficial exercises with the Agility Ladder:

  • Step by Step. In this exercise you should try to move inside the ladder as quickly as possible, trying to match both feet in the same frame. At the end of the tour, return to the starting point. This pause is important to lower the intensity of the heart rate. You can raise your knees as much as possible to incorporate difficulty.
  • Lateral entry. Position yourself at the beginning of the stairs and insert your feet to the left or right sideways, these should fall into each frame as quickly as possible.
  • Squats You should stand in front of the stairs, jump with both feet together into the stairs and do a squat, then jump to the side and perform another squat in the next frame. This movement can have a variation, moving in and out of the stairs.
  • I jump on one foot. You can go jumping and falling in each frame with one foot. At the end of the stairs, repeat the movement, but this time with the other foot.
  • Scroll with hands and feet. You must stand outside the stairs and rest your hands on the first frame, resting your feet off the stairs. Move one hand first and then the next until both coincide in the same square.
  • In and out. Place the ladder between your legs, jump from the outside in, making your feet fall together within each frame.
  • In and out running. In this case, you should stand sideways off the ladder and run in and out of the ladder, making both feet match in the same frame, one first and one later.

These are just some of the training examples you can do with the Agility Ladder, but your creativity is endless, you can make variations or incorporate some new ones. The opinion of your trainer is essential, which will make recommendations on ways of execution, periodicity, and several repetitions.

Make your training with the Agility Ladder more efficient

Certain aspects cannot necessarily be improved with this type of training method. Some runners have a learned or innate condition, and not because it is necessarily developed through routines with the Agility Ladder. When we want to reach new capacities, we must always carry out training in agreement with our trainer.

Without a doubt, the Agility Ladder can be a fundamental training tool that helps us achieve sporting success. If you still have doubts about the benefits that the Agility Ladder will bring to your sports life, today you can start discovering them.

Here are some valid suggestions to make your training more beneficial:

1. Before starting the training with Coordination Ladder, you should take into account the following

In the first place, and as in any other sports training guideline, it is advisable to warm up the muscles before starting. For this warm-up, a five-minute run at a slow or moderate pace may be sufficient.

This will aim at the fact that the muscles are fresh, and thus ensure a good quality of movement in a wide range of effort. These types of exercises are not intended to leave you exhausted, but to prepare you physically, and adapt your body to the development of new goals.

2. At what time of training should the exercises with Agility Ladder be performed?

The ideal moment is at the beginning of training, so its relationship with warming up. The Agility Ladder will make our body adapt to the new challenges we will face during training.

It has even been proven that starting a routine with the Agility Ladder exercises changes our mood for the better, remember that much of the success in any sports discipline is in our attitude.

3. It is important to go from less to more with the Coordination Ladder.

Every start can be difficult, and this does not escape training with the Coordination Ladder. It is therefore important not to demand beyond what we can give at a specific time.

Many times the difficulties in training with the Agility Ladder will not come from our motor capacity, but ignorance of the form of exercise execution. Within a few days, that difficulty will be a thing of the past.

4. Here are some valid suggestions for all types of stair exercises that can be performed:

  • Always support the entire sole on the floor, not just the toes. This is a very common error in the performance of training with the Agility Ladder. We will get better results if our feet have full support on the ground.
  • Take advantage of the movement of the arms to maximize training results. The agility that we need is not only of the legs and feet but also of our arms, for this we must take care of the movement of our arms and thus improve the agility in them.
  • Try to keep your head as stable as possible. The head must remain in a straight position, without this meaning that we make a special force on it, specifically on our neck. The main benefit that in this case, we will obtain is to avoid cervical injuries that hinder our training.
  • Speed.
  • Resistance.
  • Reaction and,
  • Coordination.

What should I look for in an Agility Ladder?

There are many models that you can find, and with a lot of variety of prices, but the main thing is the following:

  • That the size of the steps can be adjusted.
  • Have solid and well-woven side rails.
  • Avoid getting tangled.

Most Agility Ladders that you will find meet these requirements, you should also be aware of whether they offer any type of guarantee.

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